Clarification of November 30th deadline

I received a question from some of my collaboration members asking is there a time deadline on the 30th. If the white paper is submitted before 12:01 am on December 1st local time for the proposer does it count as November 30th? My collaboration members wanted to know if they needed to have their white papers submitted before midnight PST/MST on the 30th.

Thanks in advance. I looked through the call for proposals and didn’t see a time mentioned , just the date of November 30th.


Yes, I realized we didn’t set a time, and we also said we’d acknowledge receipt within 48 hours (which is then, over the weekend). Doh.

Anyway - yes, you can submit up to midnight, but since LSST works on Pacific time, this means midnight Nov 30 PST.

If possible can that be added to the white paper website -

And thanks for the clarification, Lynne. Much appreciated.

Good idea, done!

And note that this is midnight at the END of November 30th.