ComCam key numbers

Hi all, is there a place (paper or webpage) where the ComCam key numbers are summarized? For example: FoV, filters, pixel scale, expected depth, and so on.

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As a start, I think this page will get you the key numbers that are the same as for the LSST Science Camera: Key Numbers | Rubin Observatory

So not FoV, for example.

Igor, I’m curious about this, too. I tried various searches at and, and this particular Google query was the most productive:

“comcam” “raft”

Having “raft” in quotes turned out to be useful, because ComCam is a single-raft camera (9 CCDs), and I found that documents that mentioned that had the most technical info.

The best reference I found was this:

LSE-79 - System AI&T and Commissioning Plan

Section 4.1 (p. 43, PDF page 54) has a description of ComCam with some technical details. Note that the latest revision date is Nov 2018; I don’t know if any specs have changed since then. Some highlights:

  • single science raft populated with nine 4K x 4K LSST science CCDs (engineering or “near” science grade, 144 megapixels total)
  • optical corrector (NSF MREFC) that produces images across a 20 arcmin FOV, with FWHM < 0.5 arcsec with same plate scale as LSST (50 microns/arcsec)
  • no dedicated wavefront sensors (LSSTCam has 4), but an operation mode will provide approximate sensing for testing the adaptive optics system (AOS)
  • filter-changing mechanism that allows for one of three filters selected from the six LSST filters (ugrizy) to be placed in the beam

There are separate statements about FOV and image resolution that disagree slightly with those quoted above (compare pages 43, 45):

  • 40x40-arcmin field-of-view
  • <0.3 arcsec FWHM images in all 6 ugrizy bands

Perhaps the difference reflects parts of the image being affected differently by the optical corrector.