Commissioning Science Validation at PCW2020

Dear Rubin science community,

The Rubin Observatory Commissioning team is organizing a 60-minute parallel session at the Rubin Observatory PCW 2020 on Rubin Commissioning and Science Validation scheduled for Tuesday 11 August 2020. For this session, we would like to focus on gathering input from the science community regarding considerations for the on-sky observing strategy during commissioning that would enhance opportunities for science validation studies (recognizing various constraints associated with needs for technical and scientific verification, schedule, etc.). This could include, for example, external reference datasets of interest, specific astrophysical targets of interest, balance {depth, area coverage, band coverage}, cadence, and specific systematic effects to explore.

To help facilitate the discussion, we would like to invite the Science Collaborations to present their current thinking on this topic in a series of short presentations during the session. To help us plan the agenda for the PCW parallel session, we have prepared a short google form which we would ask you to fill out by Thursday 6 August if you would like to present. (We have reached out to commissioning liaisons from each of the Science Collaborations as well with the same information.) This parallel session is meant to be a starting point for discussion as we continue planning and preparations for on-sky commissioning activities.

Thank you,

Keith Bechtol and Chuck Claver

This session connects to topics in the Early Science Session described in this post. We hope many of you will participate in both!