Community downtime for SSL 2015-09-15T23:00-07:00 may be briefly down tonight for configuration of SSL (HTTPS).

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You should state timezone (or “Z”)…

I think I got the timezone in ISO 8601 (RFC 3339) right with 2015-09-15T23:00-07:00 (I need a linter!). But suffice it to say, ‘whatever timezone the N. America West Coast and Arizona are in’. :slight_smile:

Oh, duh. I read it as “23:00 to 07:00”, not “23:00 in UTC-07:00”. My bad. is now back and more secure than ever. SSL is turned on and connections to will automatically redirect to

Our SSL rating is A+.

I tweaked the configuration to set the URLs for the logo, small logo, favicon and apple touch icon to begin with “https”. That makes browsers happy – Safari and Firefox now display a nice padlock rather than a mixed content warning.