Community white paper on cross-cutting software supporting LSST science

Dear All,

We are happy to share a draft community white paper on the need for cross-cutting analysis software to support a wide range of early LSST science cases. This white paper is the outcome of a workshop held in March 2022, “From Data to Software to Science with the Rubin Observatory LSST”, organized by the LINCC Frameworks team with participation from across the LSST science community, including members of the LSST Science Collaborations, Rubin Observatory, NOIRLab, and IDACs teams. Feedback is welcome until July 27, after which point we will address the feedback and post the white paper on arxiv. As we hope this workshop and white paper represent an early step towards collaborative development of community software supporting robust scientific analyses at LSST scale, individuals who support the aims of the white paper are encouraged to endorse it. Key links:

  • White paper (overleaf, read-only): link
  • Endorsement requests, and authorship requests from contributors who are not already listed, may be submitted here.
  • Feedback may be submitted publicly in this google doc, or in the #lincc-workshop-data-sw-science channel on LSSTC Slack; or privately to the points of contact in the sign-off of this message.

And please check out our 2022 Rubin Project & Community Workshop session for follow-up discussion!


Andy Connolly ( and Rachel Mandelbaum (, on behalf of the workshop organizers and the LINCC Frameworks team


The paper is now on arxiv and citable:

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