Conda channels in new documentation

We’ve been having a conversation on GitHub concerning the mismatch between lsst-sims and astropy 1.2 when performing a conda installation of v12_0

We’ve been reminded we should be using this channel when installing lsst-sims:
rather than what is indicated in the doc, under 2. Install Science Pipelines in a Conda Environment
Maybe the lsst-sims installation should point to their Confluence area ( for now? Or some indication made in the above pages that the conda channel to use is different? Tagging @ljones and @jsick for lack of a better idea :slight_smile:

I need to file a ticket for @jsick to add the conda sims info to the docs. You can get a version of lsst_sims from the stack channel, but it’s not as up to date as the sims channel. Also, the stack channel currently has a problem with astropy being incompatible with sims (which is being fixed).

Is the best solution (for now) to include an advisory at the top of that directs lsst-sims users to instead of continuing with that pipelines installation doc?

I think that would work. We are doing our best to keep that confluence page up to date.

I’ve pushed the update to

Hopefully on the DM side we’ll get better at conda releases, including automated weeklies.

Thanks @jsick. I updated our confluence page accordingly.

I think part of the problem is understanding all the dependencies and how to handle versioning. For example, if someone wants sims_2.2.6, but sims_2.2.5 also lives on the same channel, how do we make sure that they get the appropriate versions of lsst_apps? And how do we make sure they get the version of lsst_sims that they want? All should definitely be possible with conda (I mean, that’s exactly what happens with the normal conda packages), but I don’t think we’ve got it built into our conda build/release system. (Maybe we do? Questions for @jmatt and @mjuric I guess). And making sure that versions resolve properly when we don’t have simple names is another question.