Confirming a good starting point with "Data Management"

I’m working to get familiar with DM for LSST. I see that The LSST Science Pipelines is suggested as a good starting point. I’m starting on Part 4 today, yet wanted to get confirmation from The Community Forum, that I’m beginning in the right place.
Many thanks for your feedback

Hi Fred,

Yes, is the right place to start to get familiar with the LSST science pipelines.

You can also ask questions and look for help by by posing in this forum under the Support category .

Thank you Leanne. I just viewed your LSST Science Platform Final Design Review meeting from February 2019, which I enjoyed and consumed in getting up to speed.
I will post another question about Blending later on today to help me confirm the DM update process a little more.

As a bit of a caveat, those documents refer to an old pipeline design that we call “gen2 middleware”. We are a bit behind on updating the documentation to refer to the new “gen3” version. Many of the concepts are the same but the new “Butler” has some differences in the API and the way we run and build pipelines has changed completely. The Task and config systems have not changed though.