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Hi All,

It was very apparent at the DMLT meeting we just finished that everyone is very confused what butler really is, what it does, what its roles are, what APIs is has, and most importantly what it will and will not do in the future. To address that I’d like to start a series of conversations with a goal to agree on and document the butler vision, roles, APIs, and roadmap how we are going to get there. I imagine a small number of “larger” meetings plus small focused meetings (eg between @npease and/or me and/or @ktl + one or more from UW or Princeton or IPAC or SQUARE or NCSA)

Since many people are away most of next week due to Thanksgiving, I propose we start the week after, with a kick-off meeting (everyone interested) on Wednesday Dec 2nd 10:00am pacific using hangout.


This is a great idea! I should note though that Wed 10am PT conflicts with the weekly verification datasets meeting.

@nidever I just added the verification datasets meeting to the DM meetings calendar to avoid conflicts like this in the future.

Will you be done by 11? We can try 11-12 on Wed.

Thanks for adding it to the DM calendar, it does help! (I did check in DM calendar before suggesting that time slot.)

This is an excellent idea …

For background, here is a recording of a presentation that K-T made on the Butler back in June:

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Given the input above, let’s do the Butler discussion next Wednesday Dec 2nd at 11:00am pacific (not 10 !), to avoid conflict with the Verification Datasets meeting. Location: hangout. As to the agenda, I imagine it as follows:

  • very brief butler intro (~ 5 min)
  • features you think you “must have” in butler that are not available today
    ** at the end of W16
    ** at the end of S16
    ** at the end of FY17
    ** for construction
  • features that would be nice-to-have but are not critical.

It’d be great if we could hear from each team… UW, Princeton, IPAC, SQUARE and NCSA, no longer than 10 minutes per team. I created a meeting page on confluence:

@KSK, @jdswinbank, @xiuqin, @frossie, @mgelman2, you are very welcome to start gathering thoughts and enter them on the page, it will speed things up!


I posted notes from today’s meeting at

Note, we are planning to have another meeting ~mid January

[Moved from separate topic, notes are linked in the reply above.]

We are in the process of gathering Butler requirements and creating jira stories so that we can create a development roadmap. Right now the top level wiki page for that is here, and there are a couple child pages.

We had a kick off meeting last week, we went over the requirements at a very high level, discussed process, and updated the wiki.

@ktl and @npease went over these pages and did knowledge transfer (KT to Nate) about what these pages described. We created Jira stories in cases where a requirement wasn’t represented in Jira yet, and we put links to Jira stories from the requirements listed on the wiki pages. (We are not quite done with the Princeton list, but we’ve done all the items above their high-priority line)

Our next meeting is today (Dec 8, 2015) at 12:30 pm PST on