Correct way to submit the white paper?


The call for white papers says:

The submission template and an example of the submission, with instructions about all the required information, can be found in the git repository hosted at lsst-pst/survey_strategy_wp17. To submit white papers, please email the compiled PDF to An acknowledgement of the receipt of each white paper will be returned within 48 hours.

The latex template says

Please submit your white paper via a pull request at, after creating a
% subdirectory named LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME_NUMBER
% For help with white papers or the submission process, please post at

It is very confusing that there are two different instructions. I was planning on following the directions on the call for proposals. Which is correct?


Thanks for bringing this up Meg - we were originally going to do it via PR but changed to the email instructions. The email is the planned route.

We failed to catch the outdated github instructions on the template, and I’ll change it now, but I know many people have already cloned the template and may not see the change.

As such, we will accept both PR’s on the repo and submission via email.