Current DM Code Review Process?

What is the current policy for code review?

I see this Trac document from Confluence DM Developer Standards and Policies, but it is noted as “TO BE UPDATED” in the section of “Needs Major Revision or Obsolete.”

Much of that page is still relevant. Changes that need to be made during the port from Trac to Confluence:

  • Code reviews are now self-assigned, rather than assigned by the System Architect. Choose someone appropriate according to the goals in the page. For major changes, it is good to choose someone more experienced than the author. For minor changes, it may be good to choose someone less experienced than the author. For large changes, more than one reviewer may be assigned, possibly split by area of the code.
  • Review comments should go into the “Files changed” tab of a GitHub pull request or, if small, in the original JIRA issue. Wiki-based and “meeting-style” reviews are no longer performed.

I updated the Trac wiki page according to K-T’s suggestions.