Current-Infrastructure Call Friday 3/18 @ 1PT/3CT

Join us Friday 3/18 @ 1PT/3CT for the next “current infrastructure” call on Topics to include:

  • Hardware order status (first round) (5 mins)
  • lsst-dev7 beta (3 mins)
  • Shared-stack release manager transition (RFC-156) (@jdswinbank @frossie?) (20 mins)
  • Timeline of transition
  • Shared-stack installation on lsst-dev7
  • Keeping the shared-stack lean?
  • Need for /ssd or testing to verify its removal
  • Verification cluster planning (@nidever) (20 mins)
  • Changes to the timeline or necessary resources (if any)
  • Batch environment requirements
  • Data retention needs (still ~1PB?)

Reminder, meeting tomorrow, 1PT.