Current-Infrastructure Meeting 4/15 Cancelled

Once again not enough content to warrant the use of everyone’s time for a meeting. Instead, let me provide a summary of the state of things and some teasers for a later meeting.

Still on schedule for hardware releases (no status change)

  • May 31 - Nebula, Cluster services (this is internal infrastructure)
  • June 30 - Verification Cluster, Test Object Store (internal infrastructure)
  • July 31 - Integration environment (SUI / Qserv / Auth)

Time lapse of rack builds. This is an idea I had late in the game. We plan to hijack the camera below for a live feed later digested into a time lapse of the hardware installs. It’s only 4 racks but I thought it might be fun. The location currently shown is the final home for the LSST hardware. In fact, that entire gap is to be filled by LSST all the way down to Blue Waters (portion showing in upper right corner). The current posted image is not live despite the caption.

Still acquiring GPFS 4.x performance numbers for recommending stack location outside of /ssd and demonstrating performance to Nebula. ‘Borrowed’ GPFS install had Active Directory integration issues in its own environment which delayed this numbers (we do not have this issue in our environment).

Teasers for a later meeting:

  • Discussing internally to create a LSST service tenant in Nebula for isolating services from dev / ad hoc instances
  • Will need to discuss proposal of breaking down additional Nebula storage (~1PB) between swift / cinder. Current plan is 90% / 10%.
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Cool idea with the camera, thanks! You might want to acquire
a few (big!) LSST stickers for the wall :slight_smile:

I am very interested in decorating the LSST area. The building tours end in the LSST open space which has been reserved as a viewing area for Blue Waters. Ideas for the racks floor, walls, stands welcome!

Jason, I can help with LSST logos etc on the walls and am eager to promote the camera link on the public website. That’s such a long, white wall … can it be painted? We’ve also tried using sticky fabric posters, 5’ by 4’ maybe. There’s one in the N505A conference wall in Steward Obs some may have seen. Or maybe a green screen wall at least in part. Some of our previous large-format graphics for use at AAS meetings can be found in C-4219 and nearby collections.

I love the idea of the painted wall. The current camera position is because that it where it was and I came up with the plan too late in the game to move it without blocking deployment. In the next iteration (2017), I’d like to place a camera front and rear for time lapse. But the live camera can eventually be moved to a more visually pleasing perspective. It is an all white room though.