daf_butlerUtils is now obs_base

Following RFC-230 and its implementation in DM-7915, the daf_butlerUtils package is being renamed to obs_base. I’ve fixed all the references to it in the other obs_* packages and in pipe_tasks, and successfully run the branch through Jenkins, but it’s possible I missed something. I plan to merge my changes from DM-7915 to master this afternoon (Monday, October 10), and will announce when it is finished in this topic.

If you have an obs package of your own that uses daf_butlerUtils, please change your eups table to depend on obs_base and change import lsst.daf.butlerUtils to import lsst.obs.base. Nothing else has changed in the package (yet!), so that should be all the change that’s necessary.

In addition, if you’ve been working on daf_butlerUtils and haven’t pushed your changes yet, I will leave obs_base as a fork of daf_butlerUtils for about a month, so that we can pull in any lurking changes. Sometime after that, I will delete daf_butlerUtils, announcing it here in advance. If you have unmerged changes on daf_butlerUtils branches, you should be able to pull your branch over to obs_base and rebase to master after the merge is completed.

Package merge is now completed, other than the ImportError exceptions I added to the old daf_butlerUtils package. I’ll see what Jenkins thinks about those first.

I’ve also merged the daf_butlerUtils ImportErrors, so that package should no longer work.

Since this involves a new package being added, everyone will have to update their lsstsw repos.yaml (either via “git pull” in their lsstsw checkout, or “rebuild -u”).

I’ve written a short technote describing the steps required to rename an LSST package, based on my experiences with this package rename. Hopefully this will lower the pain threshold for renaming other packages.