Data Management Plans and Policies session at RCW 2024

@ctslater and @leanne are co-chairing the DM Plans and Policies session at the Rubin CW 2024 on Thursday at 16:00. In this session we will cover topics such as, the process through which the science community will provide feedback that informs LSST data releases, bulk data transfers, and more.

We invite advance questions, suggestions for discussion and presentations from the community on this topic. Please respond either via this form or directly to this topic.

Leanne & Colin

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It would be great if this session is recorded, for those of us across the pond or who otherwise can’t make it, thanks! (not sure about the recording policy for parallels)

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I believe all sessions will be recorded but if not I will make sure that this is. We can also include the main content / key outcomes in an LSST@Europe6 session as well