Data Management Science Pipelines Design Document

I would like to know if DM Science Pipelines Design Document is up to date, in particular, the photometric calibration plan. Is it still anticipated that the Data Release Production will be based on photometric calibration with Gaia with FGCM in place for Quality Assurance? I ask because that’s the impression I get from skimming the text contained in the DM Science Pipelines Design doc; however, the Algorithms workshop in 2020 (same year as publication) made it seemed that the DRP would be based on FGCM. Thanks!

I think it is fair to say that we have certainly shifted towards relying more on FGCM. Using Gaia to tie together FGCM runs that cover large areas - but not the full survey - is perhaps still in the picture, but I think it’s much more likely for DR1 that we will run FGCM on the full survey.

A lot of how we will approach photometric calibration will depend on the degree to which calibration hardware like the Collimated Beam Projector and LATISS work when they are integrated with the rest of the system; we don’t have any precursor survey with anything like that to help us practice integrating that kind of data at present.

Thanks for the info. I now realise there will be lots of different types of raw calibration products: bias, darks, and dome flats for both LSSTCam and LATISS, along with star flats, and CBP data. Will the DRs include master calibration frames? Alternatively, would the ISR data products be available in DR1?

I’m not sure what the policy is for how readily they will be available (some of our image data products will available on a regenerate-as-needed basis only), but they will certainly be included at some level.

Unless there’s something very unexpected with the stability of the system, we expect to have all derived calibration data available on disk (or equivalent) via the Data Butler and other access APIs. Raw calibration data will also be available.