Data of marginalized 1-σ errors on Hubble parameter from LSST angular BAO measurements

I’m researching the behavior of the Hubble parameter from the BAO data, and at the current stage of the process I need σ(H)/ H. Does anyone know where I can find this data? Pls, Help.

For example leave this image
Captura de pantalla de 2022-07-17 13-03-29

Thanks for the time to review my topic.

Hi Miguel - This is not my field of research, so I don’t have a particular answer for you. However, it is not clear whether the quantities that you need are readily available (I assume that a lot of analysis goes into making figures like this one?). Perhaps it would be worth reaching out to the author of the BAO section (Sec. 13.3) in the LSST Science Book? Otherwise, I’m hoping that more knowledgeable people can offer assistance.

Just a note - I updated the tags and category on this topic, as the ones you had entered were not appropriate. Hopefully that will help your topic become more visible to the correct audience.

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