Deadline for contributions (Friday, July 30) at the Survey Strategy Session III at the Rubin PCW 2021

During the Survey Strategy Session III, we will focus on discussion, open issues, and feedback from the community to the Survey Cadence Optimization Committee (SCOC). However, we will also briefly highlight the work done in preparation for the Cadence Notes submitted and the papers in preparation for the ApJ Special Issue: if you ar a PI/co-I of a Cadence Note submitted or of a paper for the ApJ Special Issue or if you want to present your work during this session, please add a couple of slides (one related to your project; one with open issues/questions/feedback for the SCOC) before Friday, July 30, to this document: Survey Strategy Session III - Google Slides

(We will collect slides related to the open issues/questions/feedback for the SCOC also after this deadline).

I added a slide for the brown dwarf astrometry white paper.

Thank you John!