Dithering goals and strategies

(Stephen Ridgway) #1

Dithering brings a number of benefits, but it involves compromises that may not be recognized. Also, there are many models for dithering and not all are consistent. Dithering may best be context dependent: e.g. for main survey, deep drilling and rolling cadence. it would be timely to open up the topic for wider and more focussed discussion.

Special (breakout) Session about Cadence Optimization
(Peter Yoachim) #2

This is a good topic. I think Chris Stubbs was also considering a session on optimal tiling of the sky with the LSST footprint, which is pretty similar. The dithering/tiling scheme impacts a lot of science as well as calibration, so it would be great to review what work has been done and start discussing next steps on improving the dither schemes.