DM JIRA Teams & Labels

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Following RFC-385, we’ve made some changes to the way teams are used in the JIRA DM project.

Teams & Managers

The “team” attached to a ticket in JIRA now strictly refers to the manager who is responsible for seeing that the ticket be completed. The following teams are available:

Team Name Responsible Manager
System Management Wil O'Mullane
DM Science Mario Juric
Architecture K-T Lim
Alert Production John Swinbank
Data Release Production John Swinbank
Science User Interface Xiuqin Wu
Data Access and Database Fritz Mueller
Data Facility Margaret Gelman
International Comms and Base Site Jeff Kantor
SQuaRE Frossie Economou
External None (see below)

When you are filing a ticket, if you know that it falls within the purview of one of the above groups, go ahead and mark it as such. If you aren’t sure, just leave the team field set to “None”.

When you are working on a ticket, please take a moment to check that the team is set to your manager.

The “External” team is a special case: we use this for our (highly valued!) contributors who are not funded by LSST and are not responsible to a particular manager.

Groups & Labels

We have a number of groupings within DM which do not share a common manager. Examples include the System Science Team, the Leadership Team and the Systems Engineering Team. Their membership is drawn from across the project, and, as such, is responsible to a variety of different managers. However, it’s often convenient to get an holistic view of their work from JIRA.

We will make this possible by appropriate use of labels. For example, all work of interest to the SST will be assigned the label dm-sst; similarly, the DMLT will use label dmlt and the Systems Engineering Team dm-set. It’s therefore possible to pull up a view of the activities of these groups which cut across multiple teams by searching for this label. For example, here is a list of everything the SST has been working on.