DM Monthly Status Report for 03 2024

The DM monthly status report covering March activities has been posted to DocuShare, collection-8803. For convenience, the High-level Summary is pasted below. Direct link to the full report: DocuShare Authorization Error

High-level Summary Community Interactions, Meetings and Workshops DM supported the AMCR on March 27. Also on March 27 O’Mullane and Economou had an 1 hour discussion with Compass CI on cyber infrastructure and possible collaborations. It seems we may be able to give some seminars for them. On the operations side we supported the director’s operations review March 11-13. Jim Bosch presented at Strong Gravitational Lensing Science with LSST. This month, Yusra traveled to Chile as the designated DM member for summit and observer support. A “mini boot camp” for new Consolidated Database developers held. New team member Pierre-Francois Leget started March 1. Technical Progress Preparation for Operations Rehearsal 3 conducted as a collaborative effort between the construction and operations teams. An all-hands sprint held to analyze and validate the pipeline configuration for Simulated ComCam data and a simulated Solar System database created. Finally, HeaderService playback mode features deployed. Closed out DM Acceptance test Campaign, LVV-P106: Data Management Acceptance Test Campaign, Fall 2023 Test Plan and Report. The Alert Production pipeline switched to using the new CalibrateImageTask in place of the former CharacterizeImageTask and CalibrateTask. The production version of Alert Distribution added to Prompt Processing and Prompt Processing QA metrics sent to Sasquatch and displayed in Chronograf Per the decision made at the Rapid Analysis design review in January, DM/SITCOM jointly refactored Rapid Analysis to be able to run any pipeline YAMLs maintained by the Science Pipelines team. This refactored version used for Ops Rehearsal 3. The initial Consolidated Database service deployed to the Base Test Stand. The Chile VPN successfully upgraded to support 2FA and Summit RSP integrated into Summit’s SSO solution, keycloak. In addition to allowing users to use their Summit account, they are now also required to use 2FA.