DM Monthly Status Report for 05 2024

The DM monthly status report covering 05 2024 activities has been posted to DocuShare, collection-14954. For convenience, the High-level Summary is pasted below. Direct link to the full report: DocuShare Authorization Error

High-level Summary
Community Interactions, Meetings and Workshops
SQuaRE held an excellent services building bootcamp which was well attended by DM and others (~20 people) over 3 half day May 6,8 and 10.
Frossie Economou was invited to present at the DSA2000 leadership retreat at Caltech, focusing on SQuaRE’s engineering approach and lessons learned (and not learned) in telescope construction software projects.
DM Scientist supported LSST Camera arrival and observing at the summit and gave a presentation on the RSP at the LINCC tech talk series.
System Architect attended Network Engineering Team meeting to finalize Long Haul Network configuration and Virtual Network Operations Center requirements.
Technical Progress
Deployed a group presence service, allowing Prompt Processing to handle delayed nextVisit events (or long preload times). In addition, the MPSky service to provide Solar System ephemerides to Prompt Processing was created. The APDB tables and definitions in sdm_schemas were updated. The ci_ap package to enable CI testing of the Alert Production pipeline in Jenkins was created.

A 10-day sprint, a collaborative effort between the construction and operations Pipelines and the Verification and Validation teams, focusing on the alert production pipeline was held. We evaluated the contribution of algorithms to DIASource counts and increased the number of visit-level metrics being dispatched to the sasquatch dashboards monitoring real-time algorithmic performance.

Support for reporting vignette status has been added to the HeaderService.
Deployed Consolidated Database “shim” access service and client library.

Baden Erb joined the DevOps team to provide support during night runs.