DM Monthly Status Report for August 2022

The DM monthly status report covering August 1-31, 2022 activities has been posted to DocuShare, collection-8803. For convenience, the High-level Summary is pasted below. Direct link to the full report:

Community Interactions, Meetings and Workshops

The Science Pipelines Team appeared for a panel discussion at Update from Science Pipelines

Eric Bellm co-hosted Multi-Messenger Astronomy with Rubin Observatory

Ian Sullivan, Nima Sedaghat, and Eric Bellm presented at Difference Image Analysis

Meredith Rawls presented at Satellite Constellations

Lee Kelvin co-hosted a session on Low Surface Brightness Science with Rubin: Unlocking LSST’s Discovery Domain

Nate Lust demonstrated analysis_tools at Onboarding for SIT-Com In-Kind Contributions

Merlin Fisher-Levine hosted sessions on Instrument Signature Removal and Characterization of the LSST Camera and Introduction to the Auxiliary Telescope (AuxTel), Its Data & Commissioning

Josh Meyers hosted a session on Active Optics Commissioning

Sophie Reed, Lee Kelvin, and Josh Meyers co-hosted a session on Source Injection in the Rubin Pipelines

Eli Rykoff hosted a session on Bootstrapping Photometric Calibration

Fred Moolekamp and Erfan Nourbakhsh presented at Deblending: Plans and Challenges

Leanne Guy, Gregory Dubois Feldsman and Eric Bellm, presented the LINCC session

Leanne Guy presented on the status of Alert Brokers to the Science Advisory Committee.

Frossie Economou ran a Coffee with the RSP developers session.

DM Scientist + DM Calibration scientist ran the Calibpalooza 2-day hybrid workshop at SLAC to define and document the end-to-end LSST calibration strategy. About 20 Rubin staff from across all subsystems attended. The workshop was a huge success with many very fruitful discussions.

DM Scientist supported the DESC meeting (virtually) as DESC liaison, and many DM members attended.

Technical Progress

A new set of simulations was created including asteroids close to the sun for testing the remaining edge cases of heliolinc.

The Table Access Protocol (TAP) service has had performance improvements following scale testing.

The developer infrastructure was transitioned from NCSA to the USDF at SLAC. The last vestige of the Gen2 Middleware was removed from the Science Pipeline

The summit computer room was powered off two times due to failures in the power grid. Given these events, improvements were made to the startup procedure so the computer room can now be recovered in 1 day instead of the previous 3 days.

The new deployment basis for managing scalar data (Sasquatch) was rolled out on the summit in parallel to the previous EFD system for comparison testing

Data egress out of NCSA was completed on August 29, 2022. Final system shutdown of Rubin systems at NCSA started.