DM Monthly Status Report for February 2021

The DM monthly status report covering February’s activities has been posted to DocuShare, collection-8803. For convenience, the High-level Summary is pasted below. Direct link to the full report: DocuShare Authorization Error

High-level Summary

Community Interactions, Meetings and Workshops

The Data Management Leadership Team (virtual) face-to-face meeting was held Feb 23 and 24; a range of technical topics were covered as well as team planning and status.

Guy and Lupton supported the DESC collaboration meeting.

Technical Progress

Several documents were issued:

DMTN-049 the photo-z roadmap

DMTN-181 discussing Campaign Management was written

DMTN-171 describes results of processing crowded field observations from DECam

DMTN-180 summarizes results of the Data Exchange Challenge with the Minor Planet Center.

SQR-050 describes investigations of various replicators suitable for mirroring the telemetry stream from the telescope to the data facility.

The DM Science team carried out a full review of the mathematical definitions for the science performance metrics defined in the DM System Requirements / Science Requirements Document (SRD). Next steps are to produce a plan to implement them in the faro package.

Multiple significant improvements to the initial orbit determination algorithm were released. PIFF (PSFs In the Full FOV) was added to the science pipelines.

Scale testing of the prototype APDB (Alert Product Database) was concluded in the Google Cloud. The system was demonstrated to successfully scale to its required steady state beyond one year of simulated alert production, and the DAX development team considers the design fit for purpose.

Batch Production System (BPS) training was held for DM science teams and subsequent 80,000 jobs in a single pipeline with no scaling problems or errors.

Auxtel “on sky” images were ingested in a Gen3 butler repository.