DM Monthly Status Report for January 2024

The DM monthly status report covering January 1 through January 31 activities has been posted to DocuShare, collection-14954. For convenience, the High-level Summary is pasted below. Direct link to the full report:
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Community Interactions, Meetings and Workshops
DMLT vF2F was held January 18th to discuss DM gaps in planning ahead of the JTM next month.
A DM design review was held for Rapid Analysis over two Fridays January 19 and 26, there many discussions including similarity of some other services and consolidation of them,

Technical Progress
SQuaRE completed migration to Influx Enterprise at USDF as well as interviewing for two open positions.
Chris Waters led a week-long all-hands sprint to port a number of plots and metrics computed by eo_pipe (Camera’s system) to DM’s pipelines, to be automatically computed in the afternoons by cp_verify. This is a good step toward being ready to assess the camera state using DM software.
The characterization report for v26.0.0 of the Science Pipelines was released.
Difference imaging was substantially sped up by implementing limits on the number of sources used as kernel candidates. The Alert Production pipelines were reorganized and renamed according to RFC-775 An initial pretrained model for real-bogus classification was added to the central repository, and support for reading the model with the Butler was added.
HTCondor pool installed at base in Chile. BPS report features were added to HTCondor plugin to report exit status in the same way it does for PanDa plugin.