DM Monthly Status Report for May 2022

The DM monthly status report covering May 1-31, 2022 activities has been posted to DocuShare, collection-8803. For convenience, the High-level Summary is pasted below. Direct link to the full report:

High-level Summary

Community Interactions, Meetings and Workshops

The AMCR meeting on May 4th and 5th was supported (remotely).

Technical Progress

The lunar eclipse caught on our all-sky camera (video)

The Gen3 Middleware Acceptance Test was completed allowing us to declare the end of Butler Gen 2. Rubin-env 4.0.0 with Python 3.10 was released. A new, improved Science Pipelines Changelog is being published. DMTN-229 was written describing the Butler and pipeline middleware.

Measurement uncertainties were added to measurements of trailed sources and the AP pipeline was refactored to better support fake source injection. Heliolinc orbit fitting can now fit the orbits of interstellar objects.

PSFs estimation in the DRP pipeline using PIFF as the default algorithm was stabilized and now uses a repeatable set of stars across visits for PSF modeling.

New services for Data Preview 0.2, including image search, image cutout, HiPS and DataLink are complete and staged for integration and testing. A Notebook-based web content service, Times Square, had its preliminary release for demonstration and to solicit content.

The Engineering Facilities Database was transitioned to microsecond timestamps to respond to emerging need.

Began evaluation of effectiveness of running HTCondor jobs using the Slurm cluster at SLAC.

Top End Assembly (TEA) cabinet has been connected to the network. This cabinet will provide POE and network connectivity to several TEA and Telescope Mount Assembly (TMA} devices.