DM Monthly Status Report for November 2021

The DM monthly status report covering November 2021 activities has been posted to DocuShare, collection-8803. For convenience, the High-level Summary is pasted below. Direct link to the full report:

Community Interactions, Meetings and Workshops
DM supported the second Survey Cadence Optimization Committee - Science Collaborations Workshop.
Several members of Rubin including DM supported the CMB-S4 directors review.
20 submissions of Photo-z Letter of Recommendations from the community were reviewed.
The API design of the Rubin alert distribution system was presented at the LSST Broker Technical

Technical Progress
Many documents were updated or issued:
DMTN-049 was updated with a summary and the plan for commissioning.
DMTN-135, the sizing model, was updated including corrections to storage sizing.
● DMTN-199, security response, was updated to assist with SFR5.
In line with DEI best practices, the default branch for more than 1000 DM GitHub repositories were
updated, removing outdated terminology and conforming with community standards, with minimal
disruption to developers.
A long-running effort to modernize build tooling and deployment procedures for the Qserv distributed
database was concluded, and Qserv deployments at NCSA and CC-IN2P3 were migrated to use the new
builds and tooling. It is also now possible to build the science pipelines on osx-arm64.
An alert streaming service that is ready for testing with the community brokers has been built.
The performance of batch production and Butler middleware has been improved. The Quantum graph
generator now provides a more helpful error message when the Quantum Graph comes up empty.
The Tucson TestStand computing cluster has been completed and delivered to developers.
In Chile the Andes cluster has been decommissioned and replaced by the Yagan cluster. The new cluster
offers higher resilience to failures and improved performance. Camera Cable Wrap fibers have been
successfully replaced and tested, using the complete path from the panel on the 3rd floor to the DAQ on
the 2nd floor.

hi. Can the reports reference here be seen by people who don’t have DocuShare access? There is an ‘Authorization Error’ in the post text when I look at the post.

I’m checking to see if there is a policy about access to these reports. But given the holidays there may not be a response soon.

@jjkavelaars please try again.

I can see the main report now (thanks) … how do I get to DMTN-199 and LDM-049 (reference in this update) but no links provided and GOOGLE isn’t helping. (DMTN-135 I know how to find but a link in the report might help others)

It’s actually DMTN-049, not LDM-049. Added links to the original post. DMTN-199 is private and not releasable.