DM Monthly Status Report for October 2023

The DM monthly status report covering October 2023 activities has been posted to DocuShare, collection-8803. For convenience, the High-level Summary is pasted below. Direct link to the full report: (chrome-extension://efaidnbmnnnibpcajpcglclefindmkaj/DocuShare Authorization Error)

Community Interactions, Meetings and Workshops

DM Scientist gave an invited presentation at the Windows on the Universe: Establishing the Infrastructure for a Collaborative Multi-messenger Ecosystem workshop

A DM-SST virtual face-to-face meeting and a DMLT vF2F meeting both with a focus on planning for the remaining work through the end of construction were held.

Reuna held its yearly “Technical Representative” meeting in La Serena. IT Managers from the Reuna-supported network gathered to review network advancements and address current challenges. Hernan S. presented a quick summary of the Rubin Observatory network and the meeting concluded with a tour of Cerro Pachon.

Technical Progress

DMTN-260 describing failure modes and error handling in Prompt Processing was published.

The synthetic source injection package is now included in lsst_distrib starting from the w_2023_44 release. Documentation accompanies this update, providing detailed instructions on how to use and a FAQ.

Single frame measurement tasks now mask streaks, i.e. satellite trails, by default. Previously, steaks were only removed during coaddition.

Mirroring of the Minor Planet Center orbit database was set up at SLAC.

Auto node allocation functionality has been deployed at USDF for batch jobs.

The dome network antenna has been recovered. A Grafana dashboard has been set up to visualize the latency of the antenna in comparison to the Moxa equivalent installed by EIE.

Fabián Araneda-Baltierra was hired at NCSA on Oct 16 and will work 40% with Anastasia Alexov on commissioning tasks.