DM Monthly Status Report- October 2022

The DM monthly status report covering October 1-31, 2022 activities has been posted to DocuShare, collection-8803. For convenience, the High-level Summary is pasted below. Direct link to the full report:

High-level Summary

Community Interactions, Meetings and Workshops

ObsCode X05 was obtained the from the Minor Planet Center for the Simonyi Telescope.

DM participated in the NASA software architecture study Friday October 7th,

DM Science and Leadership quarterly virtual face to face was held October 17 through 19 encompassing a variety of DM topics including Eli Rykoff unveiling the Calibration end-to-end flow emerging from the CalibPalooza workshop.

DM supported LSST Europe4 conference October 24-28 including an invited presentation on Early Science with LSST from the DM Scientist.

Andres Plazas, supported by DM PM, gave a short Rubin talk and joined a panel discussion in Spanish at “Chile and Japan: Prospects for Cooperation in Astronomy” at the request of the Chilean embassy.

Technical Progress

DMTN-238 describing our implementation strategy for the VO-standard DataLink service was published.

The Alert Production team developed a PSF representation of Astropy CCDData to allow Fits serialization of cutout images for alerts.

The package gbdes, implementing the Dark Energy Survey’s astrometric calibration algorithm, was added to the Science Pipelines [lsst_distrib]. This algorithm provides results equivalent to joint_cal but is faster and as such will be tested.

The new “embargo”, Tucson Test Stand, and SLAC IR2 repositories for raw data and derived products were setup at the USDF.

A new feature was added to the Data Butler to allow datasets to be retrieved as a desired type rather than how they were stored, allowing conversions from e.g. Pandas Dataframes to astropy Tables.

Rubin Systems at NCSA have been turned off, and requested systems have been sent to Tucson (some of which go on to Chile) and SLAC.

Phalanx now automatically pulls information from the environment configuration, so for example if you want to ask yourself "which groups control access to the summit, you can just go to: summit — (Rubin Summit) — Phalanx

Tucson Test Stand OODS butlers were transitioned to use postgres ahead of deployment on the summit.

On Friday 28th there was another power outage at the summit (power fluctuation) with a partial restore followed by work and further investigation on Monday 31st. After Monday’s work it was discovered that two network switches, the central ACI unit and several other optic units were damaged. Spares were sent and switches were replaced, however the damage in the ACI prevented a clean replacement of the switches and several workarounds were implemented. All the services were recovered on Thursday 3rd but the workarounds will remain in place until the ACI is removed from the summit.