DM’s New Developer Guide:

Data Management has a new home for our Developer Guide:

The Developer Guide’s source (reStructuredText) is available at The project is built with Sphinx and published continuously with This same open source stack also powers many of our design documents, our technical notes, and soon, our software documentation.

The Port

I wish to extend a round of applause to @jdswinbank , @frossie, and @timj for helping with the port of our Confluence content to the new Developer Guide. We’re setting up the pages at the Confluence-based Developer Guide to redirect to their new homes. Some pages in the old Developer Guide will be migrated to the DM Confluence space. The DM Confluence space will continue to serve a role for project planning, meeting minutes, etc…

The Developer Guide is yours to use and improve

Good developer documentation helps everyone work more efficiently and coherently. I encourage you to take an active role in lending your expertise to the documentation wherever possible.

For quick documentation fixes, you can use the ‘Edit on GitHub’ button to edit the source on master and trigger a doc rebuild.

But now that the Guide is on GitHub, all of our normal developer workflows can apply. For significant changes, feel free to make a ticket, send in a pull request for review, and earn story points for your effort.

Our reStructuredText Style Guide will get you up to speed if you’re new to the markup language.

The Developer Guide porting ticket, DM-5013 lists several related tickets for planned improvements to the Guide. I’m particularly looking forward to DM-5061, an Eups tutorial by @jdswinbank adapted from the DM bootcamp.


I think this may only apply to members of the lsst-dm organization.

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