Docs & LSST the Docs Hack/Help Session

Recently Data Management introduced a new, flexible platform for continuously publishing documentationm, websites, and papers to the web from GitHub repositories. We’ve been using the platform successfully within DM and now want to offer this service to other LSST subsystems and LSST Science Collaborations.

I think it might make sense to use the 2016 PCW as an opportunity to get your projects onto LSST the Docs, and share experiences about documenting and communicating science over the web.

Topics might be:

  • Publishing your LSST-related software documentation, web site, or even LaTeX whitepapers with LSST the Docs.
  • Sharing experience with Sphinx for documenting our Python science codes.
  • Adopting to help your Science Collaboration or LSST subsystem reach out to the wider community and communicate internally.

Depending on the level of interest this could be a scheduled ‘unconference hack session’ or something as simple as 1:1 consulting during the workshop.

Sims would be interested in this session, in particular setting up and using sphinx for documentation of python packages (including API docs).