DP0.2 converted to AVRO alerts

I understand that all or part of the DP0.2 simulated data will be converted to AVRO alerts so that Lasair and other brokers can feed from the stream. In the UK, we will ingest all or part of DP0.2 to our version of the Science Platform. It would be great if these subsets of DP0.2 were the same, so that we can build bridges between alert broker and science platform.

  • Will the selection from DP0.2 be a RA/Dec subset of the sky?
  • Our solar system colleagues would like DP0.3 to get the same treatment, will this happen?

Hi @roy, what you’re describing is a bit more ambitious than our current plans. We expect to have AP reprocess a (TBD) subset of the DC2 images contained in DP0.2 and send the resulting sample alerts to brokers, but it will be an independent processing.