Early Science at the Rubin PCW 2021

Bob Blum, Željko Ivezić and I are chairing a session on Early Science at the Rubin PCW this year (2021).

Abstract: In this session Rubin staff will present the plan for releasing data during commissioning via the data previews (data previews 1 and 2) and the data release scenario in the first year of operations. This will include the plans for alert generation in year 1, and a timeline for any future decisions which are yet to be made. The intent is for this session to provide useful information to help the science community plan for early science (e.g., funding, telescope proposals). There will be plenty of time for Q&A.

If you would like to suggest or contribute content for this session, or submit questions in advance please contact me.



We are soliciting advance questions and input for the early science session at PCW2021. Please use this form to make suggestions