ELAsTiCC Session at the 2022 Rubin PCW

The ELAsTiCC session will run 330-5pm in the Dove Mountain Ballroom and on zoom. More details on the session (including slides) can be found here: The Extended LSST Astronomical Time-Series Classification Challenge (ELAsTiCC) | Project & Community Workshop 2022

The session will be scheduled as follows:

  1. Richard Kessler on ELAsTiCC overview, timeline, and updates (15+5 min)
  2. Melissa Graham on the contents of the alert packets (15+5 min)
  3. Anais Möller on Broker goals, challenges, and first thoughts on ELAsTiCC data (15+5 min)
  4. Open discussion on remaining questions and gaps between project, brokers, and time-domain science (30 min)

If you have questions that you wish to have addressed during this session, please add them in advance to this thread.