Enabling Citizen Science with Rubin Observatory Alert Stream Brokers

Meg Schwamb, Chris Lintott, Ken Smith, Jamie Robinson, Roy Williams, Lucy Fortson, Michael Fulton, Grant Miller, Rafia Omer, Stephen Smartt, and Darryl Wright

The Zooniverse is the largest platform for online citizen science projects,with over 200 projects designed and built with its Project Builder Platform, which provides web tools to enable researchers to quickly develop online citizen science projects for a suite of different types of tasks. We have been thinking about citizen science uses cases for exploiting LSST time domain science and in particular how the alert stream broker can be leveraged with the Zooniverse platform to provide unique transient science when paired with citizen science assessment and machine learning techniques. In enabling_citizen_science_with_brokers.pdf (435.8 KB) , we highlight a potential avenue for enabling a citizen science approach with the LSST alert stream through alert brokers and present an open source python package that can be used to prepare daily data uploads to the Zooniverse platform based on new alerts from Lasair, the UK’s LSST broker concept,