EPO Monthly Status Report for February

The EPO monthly status report covering February has been posted (Docushare, Collection-5236), direct link to pdf: https://docushare.lsstcorp.org/docushare/dsweb/Get/Version-43101/EPO_Monthly_Progress_Report_201702.pdf

High-Level Summary:

February continues our momentum for hiring new EPO staff – we plan to hire a Science Writer and Education Specialist in March with a Cloud Infrastructure Engineer shortly thereafter. Another key focus area was preparing for March events: the IPS Data to Dome conference and LSST Joint Technical Meeting (JTM), where EPO hopes to collaborate with peers and show off research findings from our recent needs assessment contract. Finally, our multimedia contract is underway with a crew visiting the Chile construction site in late February to survey the summit and capture the annular eclipse (a follow-up visit in late March is planned to capture historical footage of the site for archival in LSST’s upcoming Digital Asset Management solution).