EPO Monthly Status Report for May

The EPO monthly status report covering May has been posted (Docushare, Collection-4817), direct link to pdf: http://docushare.lsstcorp.org/docushare/dsweb/Get/report-301/EPO_Monthly_Progress_Report_201605.pdf

High-Level Summary:

In addition to the ongoing efforts to hire a Head of Education and Public Outreach to co-lead the EPO subsystem, the primary objectives for May were: 1) perform a broad survey of prominent nationwide EPO programs to identify best practices and potential synergy with LSST, 2) evaluate and document highly-rated astronomy education programs, 3) gather and document various UI strategies, and 4) begin to prioritize and rank opportunities for review. The goal is to have a well-defined, clearly documented set of actionable options ready for presentation and discussion at the upcoming external reviews.