Error in saving edits to a wiki-fied post

(Knutago) #1

I created a post that I turned into a wiki. @jgizis and I just tried editing it, but am getting the message that “an error occurred” when trying to save the edit. How can we diagnose what might be causing this error?

(Jonathan Sick) #2

I edited it just now and it did work for me.

Perhaps try reloading the page and trying again? I’m not sure if this is an issue with simultaneous edits.

(Knutago) #3

Thanks. I’ve managed to edit now as well. But the error occurs if I try to add the text “@jgizis” to the table. Once I removed that, it worked. Adding it back in, and it fails.

(Jonathan Sick) #4

That’s interesting. I got his handle to appear just now in my edit.

I did find that it took a while for the username handle to appear in the preview (perhaps because the post is getting long). I waited for his handle to appear, though, and then it saved fine.

(Knutago) #5

Huh. I waited as well, and tried various things (clicking on handle, not clicking on handle) and all produced an error upon save…

(Jonathan Sick) #6

Do let me know if you continue to have issues. DM hasn’t used the forum for substantial wiki posts with lots of at-mentions, so it’s new territory for us.

I don’t see these errors in the server log, unfortunately (so it’s all happening client-side, presumably). I couldn’t find any helpful leads yet on

(federica bianco, NYU) #7

I am trying to add to the list myself and I am getting the same error

(federica bianco, NYU) #8

I have these table rows to add which I know are formatted well cause they render in a message in the thread here. Let's coordinate observing cadence white papers But I get the error if I try to append them to the original message, with or without community handles

(federica bianco, NYU) #9

Hi @jsick - sorry to bug you, but I would like to include the remaining papers to this table before the workshop at CCA gets going (I will present the existing plans at 1030AM East) - any chance you can do the magic you did to add the paper that was breaking the table and add these? Let's coordinate observing cadence white papers

(Jonathan Sick) #10

Hi @fed, I combined the two TVS posts into one table.

Do folks want me to try to consolidate and combine all the individual replies into the original wiki post?

(Jonathan Sick) #11

I’ve consolidated all of the papers into the original wiki post. Unfortunately (?) I’m still not seeing the errors that you’re all reporting.

Out of curiosity, what browsers are you folks using?