Euclid/Rubin Derived Data Product

The Euclid/Rubin Derived Data Product group try to collect information from the community on how missions can maximize their science outcome by combining the datasets. For any scientific quesitons, we would like to answer these 5 questions:

  1. Science Case
    What can be done for your science case if we crossmatch the two datasets? For example, I believe the superior Euclid astrometric precision can help you for the TDE location.

  2. Nature of the Derived Data Products
    What would be the data products you need. Lightcurves, images etc.?

  3. Algorithms
    What algorithms that will be needed to achieve these goals.

  4. Computing
    What is the scale of resources you need.

  5. Timescale
    When do you need these products? Should it be in real time or later is fine too.

The deadline is in about a month from now and anyone from Rubin can register here ( to participate to the discussion.

Let me know if you need more details.