Fall 2016 Release - 13.0 - Status and Discussion

Here is where we currently are in the release process. Current step in bold.


Release is complete

W16-specific Precursor Steps

  1. Identify any pre-release blockers (“must-have features”) :tools:
  2. Wait for them to clear (see DM-8259 )

Release Engineering Steps

  1. Eups publish rc1 candidate (based on b2748) (also w_2017_6)
  2. Git Tag v13.0-rc1
  3. Branch v13 of newinstall.sh
  4. Github release lsst_demo v13
  5. Wait for first round of bugs to clear
    1.Repeat last 2 steps, -rcN candidates <-- final candidate is rc1 [yay!]
  6. Confirm DM Externals are at stable tags
  7. Tag DM Auxilliary (non-lsst_distrib) repos
  8. Full OS testing (see https://ls.st/faq )
  9. Git Tag 13.0, rebuild, eups publish

Binary release steps

  1. Produce factory binaries
  2. Test factory binaries
  3. Gather contributed binaries

Documentation Steps

  1. Update Prereqs/Install
  2. Update Known Issues
  3. Gather Release notes
  4. Gather Metrics report
  5. Email announcement

I’m not sure if this is the appropriate place to bring it up, but I’ve added DM-8615 as a blocker, since it will likely affect multi-user installs.