Fall semester visualization meeting time?

(Jon Thaler) #1


This week, we will meet on Friday at 11 AM (CDT), as usual. However …

UIUC classes begin next Monday (Aug. 22), and there are no times during the day (9-5 Central Time), when all three students can meet. However, 5 PM (any day) works for all of us. Is it possible to meet then (3 PM Pacific)?

If not, Thursday or Friday at 11 AM Central will work, with one or two students missing.


(Tatiana Goldina) #2

Hi Jon,

I will be missing tomorrow meeting. 5pm works for me. 11 am on Thur or Fri works too.


(Tony Johnson) #3

Hi Jon, 3pm pacific works for me any day, except perhaps Friday.

(Jon Thaler) #4

I was mistaken about the students’ schedules. We can continue to meet on Friday at 11 AM Central time (9 AM Pacific).