Feedback about the Brokers Workshop 2020

This is a topic for discussions about the Brokers Workshop 2020.

Note that the conference organizers also solicit feedback via a very short survey which should only take 1 minute to complete. Access the survey.

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The Brokers Workshop was great, a good chance to see what everyone is doing. Thanks especially to Francisco and Anais. However, I felt it was difficult to interact with others, to start new connections and collaborations, which requires a person to person conversation, gently exploring if they want a relationship before suggesting something concrete. Suppose we greatly reduce the number of talks, leaving a lot more time for something like or Everyone gets their own coffee at home, and wanders around the virtual room. Its a lot less formal than the zoom breakout rooms, you get more natural conversations of 2,3,4 people. Could also have pre-loaded slide decks to read in advance.