Fisher Matrix Forecasts with LSST Supernovae


I have been looking into Fisher Matrix forecasting with LSST and Type Ia Supernovae. Unfortunately, the information on the LSST website is a bit overwhelming and difficult to parse to get what I need.

The question I am asking is, is there a publicly available Fisher Matrix for the LSST SNIa already available? Or is it expected that people compute their own? If so, is there any guides how to generate the Fisher Matrix for LSST data out there?

After a cursory google, I came across the below document, but unfortunately it suddenly cuts off after the last page when going through the example of generating a Fisher Matrix for Type Ia SNe in the context of LSST!

Does anyone have a link to the full untrunctated document?

Any help with getting a precomputed fisher matrix for LSST or pointers on where to look to generate my own would be much appreciated!

EDIT: I have found a link to the full sciencebook now. I suppose my other question still stands. Should I compute the Fisher matrix myself or is there a precomputed one available?

Glad you tracked it down, but in case anyone else is looking for it, here’s the link to the arXiv version of the LSST Science Book.

As to your initial question about Fisher matrices, I am hoping that somebody with more expertise can chime in!

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Cheers @jeffcarlin for linking the book. It was poor form on my part to not do so myself. I know how annoying it can be to stumble upon a question on the internet that is the same as yours only to find the original person solved it without elaborating further or providing links!

On that note, I will say with regards to my other question, I came across Figure G2 here which appears to provide forecast plots from SN data.

This Github page here also claims to be able to generate Fig G2 from what appears to be precomputed Fisher Matrices GitHub - CosmoLike/DESC_SRD: Forecasts for the DESC_SRD 2018

Trying to run this code is likely to the solution to my problems. I will return here if it is not. I will leave the question ‘open’ too, in case anyone else has better/alternative suggestions to generating the Fisher Matrices. Ideally, I’d like a code that generates the matrix rather than precomputed ones in case I wanted to make any modifications to the code.