Footnote support on (this forum)

Great news for those of us who can’t express ourselves without extensive parenthetic remarks - in the last forum upgrade we included a plugin that allows you to include footnotes on your Community posts.

The syntax is

for the footnote[^1] anchor and 

[^1]: for the target (don't forget the colon)

The default behaviour is to render the footnote target inline in a popup [1] - click on those three dots - but let us know if you want to make a case for or against the traditional behaviour of rendering at the bottom of the post. (Personally I like the old-skool option but I will admit the default behaviour results in a cleaner less intimidating presentation).

  1. Thusly ↩︎


Definitely inline; posts can sometimes be very long, and scrolling back and forth is a pain. If footnotes were only citations/references [1], then it would be different, but for “extensive parenthetic remarks”, inline is far better.

  1. note that Wikipedia mostly uses these but also allows inline notes ↩︎

Especially in the context of this topic, the rendering in the preview pane as endnotes rather than the actual result is a bit strange.

+1 for inline.


Wow okay such unanimity! I know when I am beat - inline it is.

Edit: If you print the page the footnote gets traditionally rendered so that’s pretty neat