Help us review the astronomy content of the EPO education program!

The Rubin Education & Public Outreach team has created six classroom investigations to be used independently by teachers at the advanced middle school, high school, and college intro levels. The goal of these investigations are to bring real Rubin data into classrooms with meaningful interactions while still meeting standards teachers are required to comply with.

The team has worked to make the investigations scientifically accurate and has found precursor data from a variety of sources to use in the activities while we wait for Rubin data. However, we at EPO recognize that we are not content experts in all fields of astronomy and our aim is always to present the science accurately.

EPO would like to solicit expertise from the community in reviewing our education program to ensure the high scientific quality of our materials. Given the topics of our initial education materials, we are looking for experts in the following areas to serve as Reviewers:

  • Classifying Solar System bodies
  • Identifying potentially hazardous asteroids
  • Using Type Ia SNe for Hubble’s Law and galaxy redshifts
  • Using Type Ia SNe to estimate distances to host galaxies
  • Using color images to highlight physical properties of objects
  • Using galaxy colors to explore the observable universe and its evolving large scale structure

The review will be conducted mostly independently starting in mid-January. We expect this process to take roughly four-six hours to complete. You can see one of our investigations here.

If this sounds interesting to you and you’d like to volunteer, to suggest a volunteer, or to ask more questions, please fill out the form below by January 7, 2021 and a member of the EPO team will respond with more information.

Thank you!
Lauren Corlies, Ardis Herrold, and the EPO team