Historic satellite positions

Sorry if the question is slightly off-topic, but I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get historic positions of satellites. I’m trying to check if some observations that I have are indeed satellites or not. Doing a quick search on the internet there are some resources to find current positions of satellites, but I don’t know how to retrieve the positions for one or two years ago.
Considering that low earth orbit satellites will be a mayor source of bogus events, I thought that maybe someone in this community might be working on this topic.


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CelesTrak: Historical NORAD Two-Line Element Sets (1980-2004)
https://www.space-track.org/ (other dates)


Thanks for the info!

It would be better to know the part of the sky the two objects traveled. At any time there are tens of satellites over any spot on Earth, so not having your orientation nor constellations as reference is very difficult to assert what you actually saw.

Recent paper from ZTF on Starlink has another source of satellite orbits.

Impact of the SpaceX Starlink Satellites on the Zwicky Transient Facility Survey Observations

Section 3 is Identification of Starlink Trails, where they quote this list of starlink satellites

“These TLEs (also called “supplemental TLEs”) are derived from latest Starlink ephemeris data provided by SpaceX and allow one to predict the position of the satellite with the precision of 500 m or better.”