Home Directory Transition from NFS to GPFS on lsst-dev01: Reminder

A reminder of upcoming changes in January for home directories on lsst-dev01:

  • On Thursday Jan 19, 2017

  • GPFS home directories will be remounted to /home/ on lsst-dev01 (and all interactive servers)

  • NFS home directories will be remounted readonly to /home-old/ on only lsst-dev01 server

  • Leading up to Jan 19, 2017, users are encouraged to prepare their GPFS home directories as needed. Users may wish to copy some files from their NFS home directory (/home/) to their GPFS home directory (/home-new/). If an ssh key is not in place at the time of transition, users can still login with NCSA password.

  • GPFS home directories have a 1TB storage limit per user

  • On Feb 16, 2017 the NFS home directories will no longer be available. Users are responsible for moving data they wish to preserve to GPFS by this time.

Questions on this transition can be directed to lsst-sysadm@ncsa.illinois.edu or Slack #dm-infrastructure .