Home Directory Transition from NFS to GPFS on lsst-dev01

A transition period for the switch from NFS to GPFS home directories on lsst-dev01 begins today Monday Nov. 21, 2016 and extends to Jan 19, 2017. Key elements of this transition are

  • Each user can now migrate data using solely the lsst-dev01 server:
  • Current home: /home/USERNAME/
  • GPFS home: /home-new/USERNAME/
  • New GPFS home directories have a 1TB storage limit per user

  • On Jan 19, 2017

  • GPFS home directories will be remounted to /home/ on lsst-dev01 (and all interactive servers)
  • NFS home directories will be remounted readonly to /home-old/ on only lsst-dev01 server
  • On Feb 16, 2017 the NFS home directories will no longer be available.

Questions on this transition and related data transfer issues can be directed to lsst-sysadm@ncsa.illinois.edu or Slack #dm-infrastructure .

It’s not clear to me whether users are expected to move files over themselves, or whether this will be done by sysadm. Would you please spell it out for me?

What is a backup policy (if any) for the new home?

The process would be that users copy the files themselves (deciding which files merit transfer to the new home directory.)

There are daily backups of at least the last 30 days for /home-new . These are already in place and available for users to browse. One can access these under /home-new/.snapshots . Full documentation on the backups & disaster recovery for the various spaces is still being organized.