How do I get emacs bindings?

Some of us have things like ^K hardwired in out fingers to “kill to end of line”. Looking on the web there’s some discussion of how this might be handled via some sort of plugin. Can square take a look into implementing this?

I used vi for a couple of years in the early '80s, so I’m not biased, but I don’t see how we’d support vi users.

I think the plugin is for your browser, not for Discourse. See

Actually, it appears that Safari does have Emacs bindings in its textedit input fields. Some of them (like ^K) are overridden by shortcuts for the Discourse editor toolbar (but things like ^A and ^E work). So I guess the real question is whether those shortcuts can be disabled (since Cmd-K works just as well).

That’s right. Apple’s pretty good about supporting default emacs bindings, the problem is that discourse (and atlassian) steal them.