How to inline figures in JIRA comments

Maybe you all know this, but I can never remember how to do it (I always have to find the instructions from @rearmstr who told the P’ton group about it).

When you attach a file you can refer to the file in the comment as !filename.ext! This is incredibly useful, as you don’t have to say things like, “See the attachment” and have your colleagues scroll up and try to find the plot in question.

If it’s a large plot, you can set the display width: !filename.ext|width=600! You can even display thumbnails: !filename.ext|thumbnail!

The documentation is at:

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Maybe worth adding that, in LSST’s JIRA, you don’t actually even need to remember the weird ! syntax: you can directly select attached images from the editing toolbar, and JIRA will do the hard work for you. (Unfortunately, it seems that HSC’s JIRA is not so blessed!)

Do you have to attach the file first? The comment-in-attach-popup approach is just one click.

In a rare triumph for JIRA usability, you can actually actually add the attachment and refer to it from the toolbar in the same dialog.