hscPipe 5.0 plans

hscPipe is a version of the LSST pipeline tailored for supporting the Hyper Suprime-Cam Strategic Survey Program (HSC SSP). We are currently planning for the next major release, hscPipe 5.0, which we’re hoping to have done by the end of this month. hscPipe 5.0 will be used for the next SSP production run taking place over the next few months.

hscPipe used to be a full-featured product in the HSC stack, but its features have been ported to the LSST stack under different packages and so it’s now just a metapackage, like lsst_distrib. We have branched from the weekly tag w.2017.10 (a few weeks after the 13.0 tag, and just before the pybind merge) and are currently distributing hscPipe 5.0-beta1. The plan is to do some small verification runs (a few tracts) over the next week or so before cutting hscPipe 5.0.

If anyone uncovers a bug that was present in the branch point of hscPipe, I would appreciate it if you could quickly bring it to my attention so we can fix it for the HSC production run.